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Frequently asked questions about GENKI

What is the principle of GENKI?

A newly developed component named OSSC, which is a complex of several organic substances and mineral salt, immediately loosens the state where undecomposed substances observed in various biological treatments and microorganisms are firmly attached to each other, and enhances functions of microorganisms.

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Activated sludge and biofilm are thought to be an aggregate in which microorganisms and suspended solids (SS) are firmly attached to each other. The following mechanism, through actions of OSSC and microorganisms, is assumed:
Loosen the attached state of the aggregate → Promote supply of dissolved oxygen and undecomposed substances to the flock and inside the biofilm → Promote decomposition by microorganisms.

GENKI does not contain a flocculant. The cohesion of sludge is thought to be enhanced by compound effects, such as an increase in activated microorganisms that contribute to aerobic decomposition, a decrease in filamentous fungi, decrease in undecomposed substances (SS), and increase in new EPS.

The reason for the appearance of filamentous fungi and actinomyces is thought to be that nutrients proliferating them remain in activated sludge and biofilm. Using GENKI promotes the decomposition of undecomposed organic matters, which are the nutrients for the proliferation. As a result, it is thought that filamentous fungi and actinomyces are hard to proliferate.

It is assumed that enlarged attached substances, which are frequently observed in biofilm treatment, grow while undecomposed substances in wastewater and microorganisms are attaching to each other on biofilm formed on the carrier at first. Then, enlarged attached substances are formed.

Several days after using GENKI, large lumps starts to fall off (exfoliate). Observation in the laboratory confirmed that attached substances fall off while leaving a thin biofilm as it is. A function that weakens cohesiveness between components (microorganisms and suspended solids) of attached substances is thought to be the cause. (MBR film contaminant control is thought to have a similar mechanism.)


The treatment capability increases for the following reasons. After attached substances exfoliate, an appropriate thickness of biofilm is maintained. Aerobic treatment utilizes the surface area of the carrier to the fullest so that treatment trouble caused by having anaerobic conditions inside like enlarged attached substances does not occur.

In biological treatment, some of the pollutants in the wastewater are removed by adhering to the sludge or discharged as excess sludge without being decomposed. In addition, even if it is decomposed, it may be stored as nutrients in the fungus body.

GENKI increases the degradability and reduces both of these (undegraded substances and nutrients in the fungus body), resulting in a decrease in the amount of excess sludge.


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All OSSC ingredients are derived from food. Although OSSC is not made as a food, it is edible*.

Several kinds of food-degrading bacteria are used in GENKI P.

* GENKI is not edible.

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Although it is commonly calculated from the amount of treated water and the BOD load, the amount differs depending on the conditions of biological treatment that you want to improve. A rather larger amount of GENKI can be used at an early stage of improvement, and then slightly fewer amounts can be used after the improvement. We recommend you find out the appropriate amount from daily maintenance.

After an improvement is achieved by using GENKI, the condition will not worsen immediately after you stop using GENKI. The important point here is whether causes (such as equipment and raw water) of the deterioration of the condition are corrected. It is conceivable that poor conditions could return sooner or later if they were not corrected.

By using GENKI, it is possible to improve at a lower cost than to improve equipment problems. While using GENKI, you can solve the problems of the equipment little by little.

It is important to use them well in various situations.

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