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Wastewater treatment agent “GENKI”

Wastewater treatment agent GENKI

“GENKI” is developed and manufactured by Suzuki Lab. & Dev.

GENKI is a wastewater treatment agent that improves activated sludge and biofilm with a common principle.

Wastewater treatment agent GENKI

⇒In the presence of OSSC*, the microbial aggregates are loosened by the shearing force of the water flow.

⇒As a result, enough oxygen and nutrients distributed to the details behind and inside the microbial aggregates, which will significantly improves treatment capacity.
*Awaken inert microbes inside the microbial aggregates!
*OSSC is an ingredient included in Genki L, which is an acronym for “Organic Substances and Salt Complex” and has the action of loosening microbial aggregates by the shear force of water flow.

Control of MBR fouling


  • Type of Industry: Food manufacturing
  • Wastewater throughput: 120m³/day
  • Wastewater influent: BOD 3,000 mg/L, SS 1,200 mg/L Containing protein, starch, oil, vegetable juice and etc.
  • Membrane type: Flat sheet membrane
    The chemical cleaning of the membrane was performed at a very high frequency at least once a month, to maintain operating flux. Associated costs were higher than expected. By adding GENKI, reduced workload and maintenance cost by 60% or more. *GENKI with a concentration of 1mg/L is added into the equalization tank.
Control of MBR fouling

Biofilm treatment

– Long-term stable treatment with thin biofilms on carries.

– Prevention of clogging in a biological fixed-bed reactor


Type of Industry:Resin products manufacturer (PVC)
Wastewater throughput:1,200m3/day
The wastewater contains hardly degradable chemical compounds. Since the COD was high for 2 years after the construction of the wastewater treatment facility, the treated water could not be reused.
By adding GENKI, the COD value was stably reduced, and it became possible to reuse treated water. *GENKI with a concentration of 0.8mg/L is added into the aeration tank.
Biofilm treatment

Recommended for those who have such issues.

  • Constant treatment performance failure.
    -Poor coagulation sedimentation
    -Poor treatment performance of persistent organic substances
  • Overloading at food factories
    Poor degradation of oil / starch / protein
  • Poor performance of the biofilm treatment
    * Effective for both fixed bed and fluid carrier
  • Excessive sludge disposal costs
  • MBR membrane fouling and high frequency of cleaning
  • Slow recovery after a holiday pause, etc.


Product nameUnitDescriptionEffective forEstimated concentration
  • Improve settling
  • Promote decomposition
Microbial agent for enhancing microorganisms0.5~1kg / 1,000m³
GENKI L10kgPromote microbial activation
  • Peel of thickened(malfunctioning) biofilm and maintain fresh(functioning) biofilm
  • Prevent MBR membrane fouling
→Extend membrane cleaning cycle
→Improve treatment performance(better throughput) *Added to loosen up microbial aggregates. No microbial agent contained.
0.3~1kg / 1,000m³

*The concentration and frequency of addition vary depending on the amount of wastewater and the situation. The effect is based on the premise that rational wastewater treatment is being managed.